About us


BENATRA began as a contemporary jewelry global wholesale with a sophisticated soulful vibe pioneered by the interior designer.

First opening our doors to boutiques on North Road, Burnaby and in Aberdeen Centre, Richmond, BC, we began our expansion in western Canada and into the US with our first client in New Jersey.  With over 53+ boutiques who carry our line across Canada, we continue our growth with added locations each year. 

BENATRA is a high-end fashion jewelry brand modernizing the way people purchase jewelry.  Thoughtfully designed in Vancouver BC and have them manufactured by outstanding factories in S. Korea, imported direct, to make price affordable for end customers.

We believe fine craftsmanship starts with responsibly sourcing the highest quality raw materials and continue through the creation of the final pieces of jewelry, taking inspiration from various forms of art and culture.

BENATRA has come to represent beauty, style and individuality.

A visit to our retail stores inspires each and every customer to seize the moment and transform their personal style.